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((Hey how’s it going everyone? Sorry for being so inactive all the time, I’ve just been busy with other things and really haven’t felt motivated to continue updating this blog. So as of now, it’s officially on hiatus, and I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll ever come back to it. I kind of want to work on improving my art before working on any sort of ask blog now lol. That and I feel like I’m not a super “in character” Jack. Like, I don’t really try to be since it’s all in good fun, but all the same.

Thanks for all the support and amazing asks you guys send in! I’m sorry I’ve never really managed to answer even a fraction of what you guys ask Jack lol. But seriously, you all made this so much fun, I had a blast trying to think up fun ways to reply to your messages. Hopefully I’ll be able to maybe start this blog back up again once I’m done with high school, I’m gonna miss it!

If anyone’s interested in following my personal blog, it’s Darth-Serket. ))




Last part of the Evillecon cosplay pictures, if you know this adorable Jack Frost please source it!

Yay! I’m so happy someone posted pictures they took of us together! The little girl’s name is Ava, and she was just a little ball of energy! We were playing for probably 3-4 hours since her parents were playing cards (I’ve ‘babysat’ her before so her dad could work on his costume stuff) We had so much fun playing together though. We played tag and patty cake and a couple other games I don’t remember the name of because she came up with them herself lol. We rode the elevator a couple times too since she thought it was so cool you could watch them go up and down. We also played DDR and shot up some zombies, and we got into sword fights with glow sticks. She’s “magical so [she] can’t die”, but every time she killed me she wanted me to come back to life so we could sword fight again lol. At some point her dad came over and gave her the light saber he had with him and it was so adorable. We played house with my friend’s stuffed bear, and Ava decided to name it Lily, and we had to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to put it to sleep. We were running around all over the place Saturday night lol. Anytime someone asked for a photo she wanted to hold the staff and turn on the lights, and she’d grab onto the bottom of it and drag me wherever she wanted to go. I was so worn out by the end of the night from running around so much, but it was worth it to get to play together. c:

((Sorry for the lack of updates recently! I went to EvilleCon this past weekend, and this was too cute not to share))

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OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

(( Headcanon that Jack gets really bad spring allergies. ))

(( Headcanon that Jack gets really bad spring allergies. ))

((Okay so none of the three winners have gotten back to me about their prizes, and all three have been online since I sent them, so now I’m wondering if maybe tumblr ate all 3 asks I sent? I’m going to resend them once I’m back from Con Nooga this weekend, I don’t exactly have the free time to pack and ship things before then anyway. ;u; I’m sorry I’m running into so many problems with this kfjasldfjasdf

I’ll start answering asks again after this weekend I promise! :’D ))


((Winners of the giveaway have been contacted! Thank you everyone who entered and for all the support! c:

If you really had your heart set on getting the hoodie, I will actually be selling a few as soon as I have time to work on them, which also means they won’t be limited to just US residents. It may be a couple weeks, but I will make a post whenever they’re done! ))


aswarmofghostbees said: The notes thing for the giveaway seems to be working on mine

((Yay! Thank you! You have no idea how much trouble you’ve saved me lol. Winners will be chosen shortly. Good luck to everyone who entered! c:  ))


imagetonguelikernurder replied to your post: Important: Giveaway!

view the notes on someone else’s blog???? a different theme might let you see more

((I’ve tried checking the notes on like, 20 or so blogs with no luck.

To anyone who’s reblogged the giveaway, maybe check and see if you can view all the notes on your theme, and if you can, send me a message so I can choose the winners. I hate to ask that, but I don’t have the time to check that many blogs lol.  ;n;

Important: Giveaway!

((Okay so tumblr is a butt and will only let me view the 150 newest notes on the giveaway. I’ve searched around and can’t find a solution to let me view all +4000 notes so I can choose the winners. I really have no idea what to do right now. No one seems to have a solution to this problem either… (it seems a lot of giveaways have this problem) Maybe I could restart the giveaway but host it on another site? I just feel horrible doing that though since so many people entered already and I’m not sure how to make sure everyone would find out dkajfldsjf this is so dumb I just wanna cry right now lol. I had no problem viewing them all before, this is just so irritating. If anyone has a solution please let me know I’m super stressed about this right now like I wanna make sure everyone has a fair shot  djsflkdfj))



I’ve been planning to do a giveaway since like, January, when I reached 1000 followers on my ask-jack-frost-rotg blog as a thank you for so much support. This fandom is just so amazing and ahfdahbfd iloveyouallsomuch


  • You don’t have to be following either of my blogs c:
  • Reblog as much as you want, but don’t spam your followers please
  • No giveaway blogs
  • You must be from the United States or a US territory (sorry, I can’t afford international shipping since I’m sorta broke atm ;m; )
  • Keep your ask box open so I can contact you if you win!



  • Jack Frost hoodie (men’s medium taken in to fit like a small)
  • Styled Jack Frost wig (only if you want it. It’s pretty thin in the back)
  • Set of ROTG buttons
  • Drawing of whatever rotg/goc character(s) or oc(s) in whatever context you want (AU,shipping,etc)


  • Repainted McD’s Jack Frost toy (I’ll post a photo once he’s finished)
  • Set of ROTG buttons
  • Chibi drawing of whatever rotg/goc character or oc you want


  • Set of ROTG buttons
  • Sketch drawing of whatever rotg/goc character or oc you want

Giveaway ends March 1st. Good luck and have fun! c:

((REMINDER: Giveaway ends tonight!! Not March 1st. The winners will be contacted tomorrow and prizes will be shipped Monday (if I’m unable to get a response from a winner by Tuesday night, a new one will be chosen at random). Please keep in mind it may take me a while to finish the artwork prizes as well. Thanks, and good luck~ ))

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